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Embroidery and Embroidered Clothing Prices

Embroidery is the most popular method of applying a logo, text or design to garments. Using an embroidered logo not only gives a quality, durable finish; it can also be used on almost any fabric ensuring a great result. Our state of the art Embroidery Department is vastly experienced and we only ever use the best threads and backings available. Our USP is QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY. The key to good quality Embroidery is the Design Set Up.

Set Up and Free Embroidery:

Logo set up, including the digitizing of your logo, is required to reproduce your logo in stitching and is a one-off cost of around £15 to £35 per Design. Once we have seen your logo, which you can send to us via the enquiry page, we can give you a better idea of the cost for digitizing your logo.

If you already have your artwork digitized and on file, we can work with most formats.

For orders over £1 000 it is Free of Charge.

View Fonts Available for Embroidery Free of Charge Here

The First (usually Left Chest) Embroidery is Free of Charge. Products on display on this website include the cost of first embroidery in their prices, which can be either text in a choice of 30 fonts and 17 colours, or your company's logo or design.

There is No Minimum order quantity.

How Much Does Embroidery Cost?

Below you can find our individual prices for embroidery. All products on our website include the cost of a standard position embroidery, but should you require additional embroidery such as on a sleeve or back, the prices below would apply. If you already own the garments you would like embroidering, the prices below would apply, plus a one time set up charge to digitize your logo ( find more info here)

  • Right Chest £2.95
  • Sleeve (per sleeve) £2.95
  • Back Neck £2.95
  • Back Embroidery £3.95 - £5.95
  • Mono Names £2.95
  • Back Cap £1.95

We deal with all sizes of businesses from Blue Chip Companies to the local Garage, County Councils, Police Forces, The Fire Service, Colleges, Universities, Schools, Professional Sports Clubs, Motor Racing Teams, The Armed Forces, Sailing Clubs and amateur Sports Clubs throughout the UK and Europe.

Benefits of Embroidery

There are several benefits to embroidering your logo onto a garment. A stitched logo automatically adds an extra element to what would otherwise be a plain garment, automatically creating an association with a company or brand. Other benefits include:

  • A logo on an item of workwear gives the impression of a well-established business
  • It makes you recognisable and adds to validity
  • Helps with security and identification on sites
  • Staff members in uniform will feel like they're part of a team
  • It makes you or your work force look professional
  • Creates differentiation between you and your competitors

We feel there are benefits to embroidery versus print, such as:

  • A stitched design lasts and lasts, is more permanent compared to print and will usually outlive the lifetime of the garment
  • Embroidery looks professional on any garment in any fabric, whereas print can't be added to fleece material, as an example
  • Stitching is three dimensional compared to a flat print, making it stand out more

Key Embroidery Info

What is the Key to getting a High Quality Embroidery onto my Clothing?

The answer is very simple and is often overlooked - good quality Embroidery Digitising. So what is Embroidery Digitising? In simple terms it is the conversion of your Artwork into a Digital File that actually runs the Embroidery Machinery, converting an image of your logo into a stitched format.

Digitising your artwork is a fairly quick and simple process, but it takes years of experience to understand the effects of different Machinery and Fabrics. To get quality results every time, it is a highly skilled job and can't be short cut in any way.

In an email we received recently from a new customer who compared the Design we made to those they had received from several competitors, as on numerous occasions in the past, we won the order on the basis of vastly superior Embroidery. An extract of the email is reproduced below:

"I have received the samples and they are fantastic thank you, I had received a few other embroidery samples before placing the order with yourselves and having now seen the quality of your work I am certain I made the right choice and my client will be thrilled with the final product." - Sophie Website Studios.

If you are placing an order for any Embroidered Clothing don't just take our word for it, get your Design made by several Companies including ourselves (we will do it Free of Charge) and check out the difference for yourself. You cannot have Quality Embroidery if the Design is not made correctly. IT IS THE KEY. Why spoil your Clothing and your Image with anything but the best.

We have no minimum order quantity and you can use a maximum of 9 thread colours in the Design. Our team can advise on alternative options if your logo design includes more than 9 colours.